About George Vilagut

George Vilagut

CEO/President at StepHouse Recovery Inc,

Orange County, CA  Hospital & Health Care

George Vilagut’s Summary

CEO/President of StepHouse Recovery Inc, a renowned success in helping individuals experiencing difficulty with their behavioral or substance abuse issues.  George Vilagut has successfully helped individuals transition and restore themselves from a life of daily chaos to one of becoming a contributing member to society.   The key component of this is establishing stabilization for themselves and within their family.   The majority of individuals benifit by combining resolution to their addiction problems while seeking out higher education or employment as they stabilize their life.

I  specialize in working with adults and young adults who have a desire to make a change- significant change- to live more meaningfully and in more alignment with who they are. I help my clients to accomplish this by using a method by inspiring them by sharing my experience, strength and hope.

Second, I discuss in detail with the adult, or young adult and their families what their specific behavioral, drug or alcohol issues they are struggling with.

Third, I engage in discussions with both the individual and with their families. I aid and help the individual by guiding them to better understand their lives, to be more acceptant of who they are, and to make some decisions about how to live- all so they feel more confident and directed. I also help the person and their families to understand and communicate better so they feel more connected and the individual members can be who they are without the lingering feelings of guilt, shame, remorse and contempt.


Calfornia State University, Fullerton, CA

CAADAC Distance Learning Center Apple Valley, MN

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A testimonial for George Vilagut, Operations at Stephouse Recovery:

Date: June 12, 2010

StepHouse Recovery is an incredible place to find oneself and attain sobriety.  If you’re having a problem and can’t do it on your own, you found the right place. I just got home today and miss the wonderful staff, beautiful grounds and perfect food. I was beat and tired of taking pills and my addiction beat me to a pulp. These people know the best way to help you when you are at your worse. Not only that they have all the tools, insight, that help you fight your addiction and find sobriety, you don’t have to do this alone. I ran myself dry and was in a bad spot of self-loathing, disgust and couldn’t stop the routine. It was tough and I thought the month was going to drag but I ended up staying an extra month and miss it already. Can’t wait to be back for meetings, thanx to Matt and George for helping me get a 2nd chance, I’ll reach someone else and give back to the program.

-Forever grateful, Alyssa

George has inspired and helped others just like you. George Vilagut.


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